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Concrete contractorsAre you sure you can handle your own project like a professional general contractor would? You should realize that general contracting projects are serious and a lot of hard work is demanded to accomplish a successful outcome. The precision of results, safety of the workers, and the craft of the construction after finalization will rely upon the general contractor’s performance abilities, to effectively use, and manage the equipment and materials. Get in touch with GS Concrete to handle these heavy commitments. We perform professional cement and concrete service, in accordance with the latest standards, preventive measures, safety protocols, regulations and codes set forth by the commission of Beaverton, OR.

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If you’re searching for an opportunity to put a splash of individuality into an old damaged floor, we have an answer for you. GS Concrete can perform the latest methods and most advanced concrete service. Ready mix concrete gives an opportunity to everyone to renovate a driveway, basement floor or even a kitchen floor and turn it into a piece of art. GS Concrete has the know-how and extensive experience in working with cement, concrete, including ready mix concrete service and turning every concrete cover into a masterpiece.  You can rely on us no matter how demanding and complex your project is.

General contractorConcrete covers are durable and incredibly sturdy, which makes them ideal for high traffic places. The easy care of that type of flooring gives a reason for many homeowners in the Beaverton, OR area to choose and install them at their homes. We realize you may have concerns about the cost of such a heady duty service. GS Concrete’s company policy is to keep our price list low so that each family in Beaverton, OR can take pride in a well maintained concrete floor at an affordable rate. We would never allow our clients to receive anything less than excellent service by our general and concrete contractors. We provide both great service to our clients and  economical fees in the Beaverton, OR area.

Do you want to renovate the entire flooring of your home? A professional concrete contractor can easily achieve the aim with a recovering. Cement and concrete services are the newest alternatives, when it comes to flooring covers. At GS Concrete, we have more than five years of experience in this business. We can turn over even the most damaged floors possible and renovate them into smooth, attractive covers that are worth being proud of. Both, family and friends will be surprised, when they see the successful results in your home.

Cement recoveryWhy install commercial linoleum or carpet, when you can get the benefits of concrete or cement flooring textures? There are advanced methods that can be applied with both cement and concrete. Your floor can appear like marble, stone or whatever material you are searching for. Concrete covering adds to your home the elite, classy flavour you always wished for without spending a fortune, because it can look like the most expensive marble overlay. So hesitate no more! GS Concrete is a general contractor, who can transform your flooring until it gets the amazing look you always dreamed about.

Ready mix concreteIn Beaverton, OR, it is all about how your property appears. That determines who are your friends and acquaintances and defines your social status. So, an attractive concrete solution can always improve the look of any property.  These floors are easy to maintain as well as extremely durable. From roller skates, children rolling toys and cars to pets tracking through the house, these covers are made to withstand the heaviest traffic. If you need more information about our special offers, contact our customer service department today for a free, no-obligation estimate  and choose the patterns and colors that you like the most. Our concrete contractors, at GS Concrete can have your floors done in no time. Contact us at (503) 933-3166 and learn more now!

If you have already met our general contractors and they provided you with concrete or another service, we at GS Concrete, will be glad to see your comments about the received service. Do not be shy and share your thoughts with us.

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Thank you GS Concrete for your assistance. When you came, my project was a mess. After your first visit, I know that the outcome will be a complete success. Thank you so much. Keep being good professionals.